Love is the principle that organizes the Universe.


Our capacity for love is unlimited.  I’m here to show you how to direct some of that love back on yourself.

It starts with you. 

As humans we’re hardwired for love, but sometimes we project all our longing onto things and people outside of ourselves. Then we get stuck. Anxiety sets in. Negative thoughts cycle on repeat and our bodies feel stagnant and stiff. Sound familiar?

Loving was a natural obsession for me. What came less naturally was loving myself in that same unlimited way that I loved everyone around me.

I coasted through my twenties, allowing my thoughts and my tendencies run the show.  I was dishonest, had no boundaries and was terrified to look at my own brilliance.

Enter Yoga.

Once I learned to stop comparing myself, my practice enriched and nourished every particle of my being.

Stepping onto the Yoga mat is stepping toward yourself. 

When you consistently show up for yourself with love, there is a chemical reaction; love expands.  

Self doubt slides away and so does your need for approval.

My practice gave me the courage to outgrow familiar attitudes and patterns.  I left my job and my comfortable routines in Ireland and practiced Yoga and meditation in schools across Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru and eventually California where I now live.

The challenge of living far away from my oldest friends and family has shown me our resilience as humans.

I came here to share the importance of self-love.

Through self-observation and great teachers and mentors I’ve collected tools for Self Love that can help you live from your heart so you don’t have to feel as alone as I did.

The principles that guide me in my work as a teacher and a healer are informed by unconditional love while

my Irish roots keep me grounded.

Now I live with a deep appreciation myself, and all my weirdness, in the coastal town of Arcata in the North West of California. Moving halfway across the world completely shifted my sense of what is possible. 

My current obsessions are astrology, ancestry, my bulldogs Tank and Molly, expanding perceptual awareness of my mind through meditation and living this life as a full-time mystical experience.